Our Honey

The Story Behind the Hives

Jacinta has been keeping bees since she was 17 and absolutely loves it. It all started with her love for honey, our great grandpa's smoker & hive tool, and a colony of bees from a good friend. Today we have around 30 colonies that work to pollinate our orchard, producing honey with a great natural fruit flavored taste.


Our honey is unprocessed and is simply strained and bottled after coming directly from our own hives.

2 oz
12 oz
3 lb

Creamed Honey

Raw honey natually crystalizes over time without the presence of presevatives. This is ground down to create a starter that is mixed with regular honey to create creamed honey. This smooth and spreadable crystal is great to apply to toast, ice cream, or just eat out of the jar!

4 oz
8 oz
12 oz